Security Alarms & Camera Installation

Feeling safe in your home is one of the most basic needs we have. Even if you live in a nice neighborhood, having a security alarm can bolster your safety. This is especially true for older people or individuals who live alone. Additionally, parents of small children often worry about the safety of their kids.

We can help with installing an alarm that works with your budget and your needs. There is a wide range of security systems on the market today. While working with your specifics, we can put in sound discriminating sensors, cameras, motion detectors, trip wires and window and door protection.

Fire and carbon monoxide detectors can be added for additional safety. Alarm systems can be set to call authorities. Smart phone apps can activate or disarm the alarm. If cameras are installed, use the phone app to check on your kids, pets or other activity.

While not part of the security alarm per se, we can also install some motion activated exterior lighting that will switch on if someone walks near the house. This not only deters intruders, but will also light the way for you if you come home late at night and forget to leave on the porch light. We can add more secure locks on your doors for additional protection.

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